Precautions Against COVID-19 Disease

Changes to Our Event

Throughout SEDEC 2022, changes were made to the layout and content of our event, considering the health of our exhibitors, visitors, and the community. These are as follows:

· ATO Congresium acts in accordance with all circulars and instructions from the Ministry of Health and relevant government institutions.

· Opening Ceremony and Speeches will be organized in a way to create low intensity and maintain social distance in order to protect the listeners' health.

· Workshops will be held as planned, which will enable participants to be informed about the industry.

· Participants will be able to benefit from the safe meal packages offered by Congresium in the hall.

· In order to prevent the spread of respiratory particles that can be released into the environment as a result of speech, coughing and sneezing, unmasked circulation in the activity area is prohibited and the use of masks has been made mandatory throughout the activity.

· The purchasing delegations, where will meet our participants, and the arrivals of the delegations to the activity areas will be checked.

· B2B and B2G meetings planned for our participants will be held face-to-face for participants from abroad who attend the venue and participants from our country. For this, the interview rooms will be adjusted according to the social distance rule.


Health and Safety Precautions

The following precautions have been taken regarding health and safety for the beginning and during the event.

· Masks will be handed out to all participants at the entrance.

· There will be disinfection stations at the entrance and at various points of the event area.

· The ventilation system and ducts of Congresium Ankara, where the event will be held, will be inspected, and controlled.

· Routine disinfection and sterilization processes will be carried out frequently throughout the event area.

The measures and precautions taken in order to realize SEDEC 2022 Homeland Security, Border Security and Internal Security Systems event in the most efficient and the effective manner possible are prepared in light of the good practice guide provided by The Global Association Of The Exhibition Industry and regarding the precautions set by the Republic of Turkey The Ministry of Health.