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March 19, 2018

SEDEC, proceeded its advertising with IWA2018 


              Beside the defense, SEDEC is aiming to bring a new perspective to security sector. SEDEC proceeded its advertising between 9-12 March in a fair, IWA Outdoor Classics 2018, which is held in Germany. In fair SEDEC team conducted a lot of B2B meetings and increased awareness about SEDEC with attracting attention of various companies.

              SEDEC team, in the B2B meetings at IWA fair, explained SEDEC2018 to 62 companies who manufactures guns, ammos, gun parts, police equipment, optical night vision systems. The team recorded these meetings as %86 successful. Companies’ officials who participated the fair from mostly ABD, India, England and Italy are advised about SEDEC in detail and replied to their questions in direct conversation.

              CEO of SEDEC, Hilal ÜNAL, claimed the participations of IWA 2018 as “In IWA 2018, we met with a lot of companies for the first time. In first meetings like that, companies can be a little protective but SEDEC is well prepared organization and when preparations are understood by them we observed that ices are melt really fast. Touches at IWA 2018 strengthen our belief to SEDEC. As it is planned, SEDEC will be an effective business platform which brings together the international and national players.”

SEDEC team, who are pleased with the fair, are planning to participate IWA fair next year too. The team will proceed with a higher tempo to advertisement of SEDEC in the next weeks.




February 21, 2018

SEDEC’s communication sponsor is Türksat!


          SEDEC is an organization that holds exhibitions, conferences, and bilateral meetings that bring together all International and National actors in the fields of Homeland Security, Border Security, Interior Security and Defense Systems, is now communication sponsored by Türksat. The mobile live broadcast truck and TV frequency will be provided by Türksat for live broadcasting from SEDEC. Türksat officials, who will host the guests in their fair booth, will participate in B2B meetings with other firms that participate the SEDEC 2018.

            Besides the civil services Türksat serves its various services in defense and security, ahead in communication, as a reliable partner for a long time. In the next terms, the company plans to make more various R&D projects and arrangements. Therefore, the company joins various organizations for both increasing the awareness about it and stepping out new businesses that create synergies. SEDEC will be an important part of this leap which has a slogan as “The right connections with right people in a short time!”, thus SEDEC will provide a platform for many businesses to widen their collaboration with Türksat.

            SEDEC, which is followed by the business sector, is increasing its participators and solutions partners. Event organization is continuing its meetings with the firms that are both conscious about the advantages of SEDEC and best in their field of work. At the following times, the news will be reported about the sponsorships and participators of SEDEC.




Between April 30 - May 3, 2019 we are at IDEF 14th International Defence Industry Fair, Hall 14/Stan..

Between March 8-11, 2019 we are at IWA OUTDOOR CLASSICS Fair, Nuremberg/Germany.

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